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About MMK Pearls USA

The founder of MMK Pearls USA is a jewelry designer and maker. As a daughter of a pearl oyster farmer, she spent her childhood on the family farmland and oyster ponds, often on a canoe with her parents.

As a second generation in the pearl business, she founded MMK Pearls out of a deep love for and knowledge of the harvesting of and artistry in the presentation of pearls. 

MMK Pearls specializes in fine pearl jewelry. We believe in creating our pearl jewelry with passion and sincerity. We choose the best pearls from around the globe to ensure you receive high quality pieces which you will treasure for years to come.  

In addition to the selection of unique jewelry you see here, our designers love working with customers to create custom orders. We have expanded our business to diamond engagement rings and several varieties of gem stones. In addition, MMK's bridal jewelry and bridesmaid gifts are often very popular.

Please reach out to us to get started on your custom orders.

We would love to hear your feedback:

Email:     info@mmkpearls.com  

Phone:     +1   773-827-2710