Host a Pearl Party

Host Your Own Fine Pearl Jewelry Party with MMK Pearls






Fine Jewelry!

Simply get together in your home, office or your clubhouse and receive hundreds of dollars in FREE fine pearl jewelry!

MMK Pearls 3 Level Hostess Rewards (based upon sales):

Level One

Choose a piece of fine pearl jewelry in selection worth anywhere between $70 and $200.

Level Two

Choose 3 items at ½ price and receive a $50 credit.

Level Three

Receive $200 credit in Extra when three guests become hostesses within 30 days of your party.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a hostess?

Text 773-827-2710 or email and you will be contacted by your MMK Pearls jewelry specialist.

Do I have to pay anything to host a show?

No! Your party can be a simple get-together with a plate of cookies and coffee. All your need is a table for display.

How many guests do I need to invite?

There is no set number to invite. We have a variety of small, medium and large sized parties. You choose which one best suits YOU! (However, the more orders your party generates the more free jewelry you will receive!)

Does my pearl party have to be in my home?

No! There are countless options for your pearl party:

- In your home

- At your office

- At your friend’s home

- At a restaurant

- Picnic at a park

- Your association’s clubhouse

- Any local establishment with a private room

How long is the average party?

Personal appointments and small get-togethers are usually under 1 hour. A typical pearl party can be 2 hours depending on the number of your guests.

What if I have out of town family and Friends?

Include your out of town family and friends in your guest list! You’ll get free credit for all guests who place orders whether they are in attendance or are absentee guests.

How is the jewelry delivered?

There will be plenty of options on-site. Any customs order will be mailed or delivered to your friends in person. Each customer’s order is individually packaged and labeled with a validated receipt for easy hand out.